Contact Forms Coming Soon!

Contact SQ Post Soon (Image of Phones)

Hey,  this is just a quick blog entry to let you all know that i will be adding a Contact Page to the SQ Post website where there will be several small contact forms for you to be able to get in touch with me for any of a number of reasons,  including the following..

  • Report A Bad Link
  • Report A Issue About A Blog Entry
  • Report A Page Not Working
  • Write For The SQ Post

I have already started creating this page for the website and it will be live in the next few hours or so.  Please give the SQ Post blog a follow (from the left of page) and get notified as soon as the new website page is all up and ready as well as find out straight away each time we publish new interesting content to the SQ Post blog.

Please Follow Me (Sean Quinn) On The Following Platforms..

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